About Ring

Ringy gives you the option to create Multi Account known as
Each Ring act as a separate account with its own Profile / Friends
/ Rules/ Chats / Calls
Single login to access and manage your Rings


Create Ring

Easy create a Ring, with 3 steps
Ring Name: This is only displayed to you so you can easily
distinguish between Rings
Ring ID: This is a unique ID for each ring so your friends can
search for and connect with you.
Profile Name: This name will be shown to your friends when
you connect with them

Connect With Ring

Search for your friends using unique Ring ID
Each Ring has unique QR code to share / scan code for instant


Ring Control

Be incharge and control each Ring settings
You will find the necessary settings that you need to manage
your various Rings

Ring Chat / Call

Switch between Rings to view chat/call history for each Ring